Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rust, Plum and Wrinkles

Do you all remember all the way back to last Friday when I mentioned that my office doesn’t have a dress code but that I still try to keep my casual outfits for Fridays?  Well, the key word there is try.  Some days a girl just wants to wear jeans.  Today was such a day:

As it turns out, today was also one of those days when a girl just didn’t want to iron.  The result?  Rust, plum and wrinkles. 

Curious how to achieve this look on your own?  Pair a clean-but-wrinkled plum and rust polka dot tee (Gap) with wide-leg jeans (Gap) and a clean-but-wrinkled cardigan (Old Navy).  Add cognac booties (Nine West via TJ Maxx), a rust colored scarf (Nordstrom) and coral and Peruvian jade earrings (Crafty Wonderland purchase).  And there you have it; rust, plum and wrinkles.  Easy peasy.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  I’ll see you all tomorrow with less wrinkles and more hair-brushing (probably).


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