Monday, October 31, 2011

I’ve Got This: Ponchos

Alternately titled: Pretending with Giants

So this isn’t really a poncho; it’s more like a sweater pretending to be a poncho pretending to be a cape.  And wearing it allows me to pretend to be on trend:

I layered the sweater (BCBG) over a short knit dress (Nordstrom) which in turn was layered over a long-sleeve tee (Gap), leggings (INC via Macy’s) and wedge booties (Nine West “Peekaboo” via Piperlime).

I like to shop.  Nay, I love to shop.  Mostly thrifting, but I’ve been known to tear through Nordstrom like mad as well (that darned Anniversary Sale gets me every time).  But, even I can admit that while I may love to shop, I don’t need to shop.  My closet(s) are pretty well stocked and I often even have on trend items on hand without shopping.   Like this sweater, for example:

I have had this sweater for years and while it’s not exactly a poncho, its close enough for me not to feel like I have to go out and buy an actual poncho just to be on trend.  Which is why I’m linking up over at 260 Days, No Repeats for “I’ve Got This” Week.  Although it can be very tempting to shop when you see new trends in stores and magazines, it’s not always necessary to shop to be on trend.  Sometimes just looking in your closet will allow you to say “I’ve got this” about a trend.

How about you all?  Do look for on trend items in your closets every season or do you just give into the lure of your favorite retailer?

Happy Monday, Everyone!


P.S. You all know that I love me some Sal from Already Pretty, right?  Well, this weekend she gave me even more reason to love her (not that it was needed) when she showcased Fashion for Giants in a Recommended Reading post.  Needless to say, I am ridiculously flattered and just want to say thank you again to Sal.  So, thank you, Sal!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Super Casual Girl

First, and foremost, I’d like to apologize to the bactrian camels of the world – just because you have two humps doesn’t mean I wanted to offend you yesterday either.

Second, I’m basically dressed like an off-duty super hero today:

Like Super Girl in her casual duds.  Super Casual Girl, if you will.  But, hey, it’s Friday, I’ve had a rough week at work and all I could muster up is essentially jeans and a tee.  But at least they’re brightly colored jeans, right?  I paired my red skinny jeans (Old Navy Rockstar) with a striped, blue-gray tunic (Caslon via Nordstrom) and brown boots (Target).

Third, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We have plans to attend a harvest festival at a local winery but I may just read and sleep all weekend as that sounds infinitely better to me at this moment.  Maybe Zumba tomorrow morning will perk me up though; either that or make me angry – it’s still a toss-up at this point with that class.  So, yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend.  But, whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s fabulous.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Offense to the Dromedaries of the World

No offense to the dromedaries of the world, but I’ve realized that camel is not for me.  It makes me look washed out and sad.  But caramel, caramel is a color that makes me happy.  I mean, look how happy I am in this caramel sweater:

I thrifted it last weekend with my friend, Alex, and can you believe that she was skeptical when I pulled it from the racks?  I know it looks like a plain brown sweater, but it’s not.  It’s caramel and I plan on wearing the heck out of it this fall and winter.  Starting today, where I paired the sweater (Land’s End, thrifted) with a cream crocheted skirt (vintage, thrifted), black tights, black booties (Nine West via Piperlime) and a black silk tie (Brooks Brothers, thrifted).

Today’s Takeaway?  Camel = sad but caramel = happy.  And, of course, a jaunty bow never hurts.

Also, because today is Thursday and I like parties, I’ve linked up over at Spunky Chateau for the Thursday’s Are for Thrifter’s Link Party.  Stop by and join the fun!


P.S. Here is a close-up of the knit of the skirt just in case you were curious: