Monday, October 14, 2013

Fresh for Fall – Tasseled Scarves

Adding a scarf to your fall wardrobe is probably not the most ground-breaking suggestion I’ve ever made.  But wait.  I’m not done.  What I’m actually suggesting is adding a tasseled scarf to your fall wardrobe.

What’s that?  Mind blown?  Yeah, I figured as much.  

Seriously though, while scarves for fall may not seem fresh or new, tasseled scarves do feel new.  Everyone owns printed scarves and fringed scarves and printed scarves with fringe.  Adding a tasseled scarf to your wardrobe adds interest and an injection of “now” for the new season.

Below are some tasseled scarves that I think would be fabulous additions to any fall look.

Anthropologie “Scotia” Tasseled Scarf

Scotia scarf (image via Anthropologie)

This scarf has everything, in the best possible way; stripes, subtle sequins and multicolored tassels in a palette that will work all year round.

Mango TOUCH Printed Tasseled Scarf

Mango TOUCH print scarf (image via

Obviously you’re going to need a scarf with orange in it for fall.  Obviously.

Muk Luks Guatemalan Tasseled Scarf

Muk Luks scarf (image via

This scarf is cool.  Like you picked this scarf up in a market in the Andes cool.  And the color palette is gorgeous.

The Limited Tasseled Infinity Scarves

Both of these scarves make me very happy; you really can’t go wrong with leopard or plaid for fall. 

Anthropologie Tradewinds Tassel Scarf

Tradewinds Tassel Scarf (Image via Anthropologie)

Not interested in putting a riot of colors near your face?  Then, for you, I recommend this Anthropologie scarf.  The palette is subtle and sophisticated but not boring.

Michael Stars Hummingbird Tasseled Scarf

Hummingbird scarf (image via Nieman Marcus)

Come on, folks; it’s hummingbirds and tassels.  Hummingbirds.  And.  Tassels.  ‘Nough said.

So, what do you think, Reader Friends?  Are you a fan of tasseled scarves?

Happy Monday, All!


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