Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Teal Abyss

So, the color of these pants is Teal Abyss:

And that kind of makes me laugh because it's an awfully dramatic name for a pants color.  It reminds me of this movie (oooh, drama). But, I appreciate that LOFT went for the drama instead of just calling it "Dark Teal" or something boring like that.

I also appreciate that LOFT made these pants at all because they're kind of fabulous.  They have a fairly high, wide waistband, so they're super comfortable and they hold their shape pretty darned well.  Also, they're teal and I'm big on teal this fall:

 Best of all, they come in Tall; although not in this color anymore.  But, they do have limited offerings in Tall in other colors and you can still get Teal Abyss in regular lengths and I recommend them for everyone; giants and non-giants alike (just make sure you line dry them).

In addition to my teal abyss pants (LOFT), I also wore a mustard sweater (thrifted, similar (tall & plus available)), black pumps (Gentle Souls "Rhemsical") and a tassel necklace (Old Navy, similar).  I thought the tone of the pants worked well with the sweater and both colors seemed perfect for a clear but cool fall day.

Happy Wednesday, All!


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