Friday, December 6, 2013


It has been ridiculously cold here in Oregon this week.  I'm talking highs less than 35 degrees cold.  So I've been reaching for the warmest items in my closet.  Items like this candy-colored wool sweater:

You can tell I'm freezing when I clench my fists.  Well, I'm either freezing or prepared to defend myself against vicious squirrel attacks.  One or the other.

I paired the sweater with my flame-colored cords:

Gap sweater (similar), Target cords (similar on super sale!) & Born Crown boots (similar; also on sale!)

Not because there is any flame in the sweater (there really isn't) but because I find cords warmer than jeans.  And because I like yelling, "They don't have to match, dammit, they go!" at co-workers who still haven't quite grasped the concept.  And because, as I've said before, brights in the winter make me happy.

But mostly for the co-worker yelling.

Happy Friday, All!


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