Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Literary Stylings # 6

This outfit is based on the character of Caesar Flickerman from Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins:


How so?  Well, he has blue hair and I’m wearing a blue hat.  And I’m pretty sure he loves shiny stuff so I’m wearing a shiny blue sweatshirt.  But, it’s my Caesar Flickerman Weekend Look so instead of pairing it with equally shiny blue pants that I don’t own but obviously need, I paired it with plaid:

Unfortunately, I think the resulting look is less “Caesar Flickerman On The Weekend,” and more “glitter grunge.”  Which is a thing I just accidentally invented but kind of love.  Seriously, folks, Glitter Grunge could totally be my new aesthetic as well as the name of my new all-female grunge band; we’ll cover Nirvana (because of course), Hole and Garbage.  It will be both dark and glittery.

Enough of that nonsense (though I suspect we’ll revisit it at some point), let’s get back to my look.  Caesar Flickerman is my favorite and I adore how Stanley Tucci plays him with those giant Chiclet teeth of his.  That’s not an insult; I love big teeth and big smiles.  And I love Caesar Flickerman and my Caesar Flickerman-inspired outfit:

Glitter Grunge, FTW!!

And now on to you, Reader Friends.  Did you read a book last month?  Are you wearing an outfit inspired by that book?  Well, then, please link up below:

Happy Tuesday, All! 


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