Friday, July 13, 2012

Just a Small Town Girl

I’ve been slow getting on the “statement necklace” train because while I like the look on others, I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.  So, when the lovely people at Maurice’s offered me the choice of an item to review, I figured it was as good an opportunity as any to try a statement necklace.  This statement necklace, in fact:


Although I’m not much for neutrals, I like this necklace because it is neutral.  It offers me a nice, subtle way to try this trend and I played to that by pairing the necklace with a terra cotta-colored dress (Target) and adding other neutral accessories.   I do think it will provide a nice pop in an all-black outfit as well.

When Maurice’s contacted me, I was pretty excited being as my mule’s name is Maurice and because we have one of their stores here in Salem.  That second fact makes Maurice’s feel local to me, even though they are a national chain with over 800 stores nationwide.   And I like that feeling.  I also like that they carry cute, on-trend clothes in up to size 26 and shoes up to size 11.

And I like that they provide “fast fashion” for my small town. Now, I know a lot has been written lately about fast fashion and how it rots your soul.  Luckily for my soul, I’m not much of a fan of fast fashion; it’s often too young for my tastes.  But, when I do want to try something out, fast fashion stores like Maurice’s come in handy.

But, if I do shop for these trends, I like to do it in person, because it completely defeats the purpose to buy something inexpensive and then have to pay shipping on it.  Unfortunately, because I do live in a fairly small town we don’t have access to a lot of fashion here, fast or otherwise.   We don’t have a Zara or an H&M or even a Gap (we had one; it went away).  But, we do have a Maurice’s and luckily for me, they carry easy, affordable, on-trend items like this necklace.  

I bet you have a Maurice’s too.  And if you don’t, you can shop them online where the shipping costs are manageable and the selection is large.

Happy Friday, All!


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