Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Other White Skirt

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I had five white skirts to deal with in The Giants Closet.  I wore one and then I probably got distracted by some color or a squirrel or something.  But, I’m back on track now and, as you can see, I did not get distracted by color (or squirrels) today:

Today’s white skirt is the other white skirt that I plan on keeping.  I paired the skirt (thrifted) with a short sleeve sweater (vintage, thrifted) that I belted with a suede belt (thrifted and worn backwards).  I added nude platform sandals (Banana Republic “Natalie”), a cuff (thrifted) and white shell earrings (gifted).  I decided to pair the skirt with other neutrals because I don’t do neutrals very well and sometimes I like to challenge myself.  

Speaking of challenges, this shopping ban is killing me, but I kind of like it too.  I’ve gotten rid of a ton of clothes and feel pretty good about it.  For example, I’ve gone from five white skirts to two and I’m happy with that decision.  I’m keeping a knee-length A-line skirt and this pleated midi and I think I should be able to make do with those.  Especially because I don’t even wear white that often; which, yes, makes it even more ridiculous that I ever had five white skirts.

Also, today is Thursday and much of my outfit is thrifted, so I’ve linked up at Coffee and Cardigans for Thrifter Thursday.

Finally, if you haven’t already entered my giveaway for Sal’s amazing book, you can do so here.  I’ll choose a winner on Sunday.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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