Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Glasses, Mustaches and Finger Guns

As I mentioned yesterday, I got new glasses:

When the folks at Firmoo asked if I’d like to try out their glasses, I was pretty excited; I’d been wearing the same pair for two years and wanted to try something new.  The Firmoo site was very easy to use and has an avatar you can try glasses on, or you can upload your own picture to see how the glasses will actually look on your face.

I used the avatar, but probably should have uploaded my own photo because I’m not sure I picked the best glasses for my face.  I wanted something a bit bigger than my old pair because they had a tendency to cover my eyes at times, but these might be too big.  They might, in fact, be so big that I’m a mustache and a leisure suit away from being a 70s lounge singer.


The glasses themselves are great.  I got style # SD2395, and they’re nice and lightweight, they don’t pinch or rub at the nose or above the ears (often a problem for me) and they came with both a soft and a hard case.  I’m just not convinced they’re great on me.  Luckily, I won a voucher for Firmoo from Heidi at Heidi-and-Seek, so I can try out another pair!

And you can try out a pair too!  Firmoo has a world-wide First Pair Free Program where anyone can try their first pair of Firmoo glasses for free; all you have to pay is the shipping.  You can get any pair of glasses as a prescription, including sunglasses, or you can order a non-prescription pair.  And, if for some reason you aren't satisfied with your glasses, you can get a refund or exchange them for something you like better.  But, I suspect you'll like them and I know you'll like Firmoo's customer service.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!


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