Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pink, White and Gold

Pink, white and gold is a pretty darned girlie combination.  And, in spite of my love of dresses, I don't really consider myself a girlie girl.  So, it's sort of a surprise, yes, even to me, that I ended up in this combination today:

But, for what it's worth, I consider this a sort of tough pink, white and gold:

Maybe it's the bits of black in the shoes (Seychelles "Mum" via Ideeli).  Or maybe it's the hot pink pants (Michael Kors) instead of a pale pink.  Or, maybe it's the cut of the blouse (Max & Mia via Nordstrom); I think the mixed media and raglan sleeves keep it from being too sweet.  The shape of the necklace (Nordstrom) is also not too terribly sweet.

Not that I have anything against sweet.  Donuts are sweet.  And I love donuts.

Happy Thursday, All!


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