Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Fashion Finds

In spite of my best efforts to hold onto summer, I have to admit that I'm getting excited for fall fashion.  I don't need many (any) new clothes for this season, but there are a few things that have caught my eye.

Like this skirt:

Tildon Plaid Sweater Skirt - Nordstrom

I know, I know, my thighs may fight that slit with all the bootlegged weaponry in their arsenal, but I love it.  I love the scale of the plaid, I love that it's knit and I love that it sort of reminds of the 90s.  Plaid is big for fall and if I get anything plaid, I think it just might be this skirt and thighs be damned.

I also LOVE this eShakti dress for fall:

Graphic print fit and flare dress - eShakti

The cut is my beloved fit-and-flare and the print is amazing.  Aaannnnddddd it's currently 20% off (along with the rest of eShakti's new fall line).  Win-win-win.

Another trend for fall is gray jeans.  I personally like this pair from Old Navy:

Mid-rise skinny in gray - Old Navy

They say they're mid-rise, but I have them in another wash and they feel more like high-rise, which is fabulous for me.  They're so comfortable I might just have to get them in gray too.

Pointed Toe + Animal = Love:

Purple leopard flats - Gap

I know they're not for everyone, but I love pointy-toed flats and these are wonderful to me.  I love the color (they also come in green) and love the subtlety of the print.  I don't need another pair of pointy-toed animal print flats, but if I did, I'd get these.

Boots.  I know booties are having a moment and they're well-loved in my closet as well, but I will always love tall boots.  Especially tall boots that are tall enough for my giant self, like these:

B.P. Darbie boot - Nordstrom

These are intended as knee-high boots for the less tall, but they're the perfect height for me.  They're also the perfect calf-width for my somewhat muscular calves.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your other sleeve and well, your entire torso with this adorable blouse:

Heart Icon Button Down - Gap
It took me some time to get on the button-down bandwagon, mostly because fit was an issue.  I've since found a couple brands that fit well, including the Gap shrunken boyfriend fit button-downs.  And this one is adorable.  I will be wearing alone and under my sweaters come winter.

Teal.  Not cobalt.  Teal.  Like these teal ankle pants:

"Marissa" ankle pants in Tall - LOFT
I know cobalt remains big for this fall, but if you want an alternative to cobalt, I'd like to recommend teal.  It's a sleeper color for this fall, but it's one I hope to see more of.

A cozy cowl.  I love cowls and I am obsessed with this one:

Skipjack cowl - Victory Garden Yarn

It's the skipjack cowl from Victory Garden Yarn and I'm convinced that its wonderful texture will make every fall outfit better.  And it comes in 25 gorgeous colors so there's something for everyone.

What about you, Reader Friends?  What fall fashion are you looking forward to?

Happy Thursday, All!


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