Monday, September 9, 2013

Perfect 10

The wonderful, fabulous Callie, of Coffee and Cardigans, is hosting a blogging challenge, called The Perfect 10.  As part of this challenge, I and various other bloggers are going to cornrow our hair and run along the beach a la Bo Derek; and we’ll be video-taping the whole thing!

Okay, not really.  No, in actuality, the Perfect 10 Remix is far more sensible and far more safe for work that that.  Instead, for the next 10 days, we’re limiting our wardrobe to 10 items, remixing the heck out of those 10 items and sharing the results with our readers.

I don’t usually do challenges like this because a) I tend to get bored easily,  b) I don’t like anyone telling me what to wear, including me andc) I never know what to choose!!  Still, I will (reluctantly) admit that I need to challenge myself more, so I’m in.  Yay, me!

Here are my 10 items:

My perfect ten includes two skirts; one black and one striped: 

Three shirts; a striped tee, a navy tee and a sleeveless chambray:

One dress, in white, because that Labor Day thing is no longer a thing, right? 

Two pairs of shoes; brown huaraches and yellow platforms:

And one wildcard piece; a floral printed cropped jacket:

I’m actually kind of surprised by the pieces I chose – I figured I’d have more color or more prints or more colorful prints but I think this mix will work.  At least I hope it will.  I also hope that two pairs of shoes are enough; I’m kind of skeptical on that point, but shall do my best. 

For more on the Perfect 10 Remix, please see Callie’s post here.  

And stay tuned!


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