Friday, March 30, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

It’s raining today in Oregon.  Because that’s what it does here.  And I support Oregon rain, but it can make it a little hard to take pictures.  Especially because I try to protect my photographer and camera as much as I can, while still taking outdoor pictures.  Today those efforts resulted in these pictures:

And then, an older gentleman coming into the building stopped to watch the proceedings and decided that my hair was being lost in my black umbrella and lent me his umbrella.  And thenhe helped position the umbrella so that the white was behind my head.  This picture is the result of the kindness of that stranger:

I personally found the whole thing hilarious, but a little surreal.  Which is not to say he’s wrong; you really can’t see me under my umbrella.  I guess maybe I should invest in a white polka dot umbrella for these gloomy days.

At this point I’m looking for anything to help cut through the gloom, like bright-ass shirts.  Which is why, on my last trip to Old Navy, I invested in more than one piece in this color.  Today I layered a citron tank (Old Navy) over a white tank (Target) and under a charcoal-striped cardigan (Old Navy).  In spite of my bright tank, it does still feel like winter here in Oregon, so I added black skinnies (Gap), black boots (Vince Camuto “Fantastic” via Nordstrom) and an infinity scarf (Steven Madden via Macys).

And with that, I want to wish you all a Happy Friday!  And have a wonderful weekend!


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