Saturday, March 31, 2012

Faking Spring Break

I am, sadly, an adult, who does not get spring break.  I don’t even have any kids to give me an excuse to take the week off.  So, I had to work all week.  About which, I was NOT happy. 

However, the folks at Hush Puppies sent me something that allowed me to fake Spring Break; these comfy, cozy slippers from their Spring Break Collection*:

When I first saw these slippers, they reminded me of spa slippers.  And of the slippers from the four star hotel we stayed at in Hawaii a few years back.  Well, they remind me of spa slippers with a more durable sole, cushier insole and the added sass of some plaid.  Added sass is sort of my thing, so I appreciated that touch immensely.  

Also reminiscent of both spas, and Hawaii, is how relaxing these slippers are.  Therefore, every night after work this week, I’ve been going home, taking off my heels, putting on these slippers and faking Spring Break.  I watched a little Hawaii Five-O, got caught up on Cougar Town, started watching Bent.  Basically, I watched anything filmed in a sunny, gorgeous, Spring Break-like destination, while wearing my slippers.  Et voila, fake Spring Break at it's finest.

Want to fake a vacation of your own?  You can get your own Hush Puppies “Ginger Clog” slippers, or any other slippers at the Hush Puppies store hereAnd you can get 15% off through May 31st by using this promo code: 15HUSH.

If you had a real Spring Break, I hope you enjoyed it, you lucky ducks.  And, if you were like me and didn’t, I hope you were able to fit a little relaxation in.


*Disclosure: Although Hush Puppies did provide these slippers to me free of charge, that did not influence my review.  If they were less than great, you can bet your sweet bippies, I’d tell you guys.

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