Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hot Pink to Keep Me Warm

It’s still freezing here in Oregon today.  I had to be extra careful riding in and extra bundled up for warmth.  This, of course, meant more layers.  But, unlike yesterday’s layers, today’s layers are not lacking for color:

Nope, today I went with hot pink to keep me warm.  Okay, yes, it’s probably not the color.  It’s probably the fact that this dress (thrifted) is vintage and is appropriately acrylic.  Acrylic, like many unnatural fibers, will often keep you warmer than you want to be.  But, not today; today I needed to be very warm and this dress did the trick. 

Especially layered under a wool-blend striped blazer (Halogen via Nordstrom) and over a silk slip and tights.  I added black boots (Vince Camuto “Fantastic” via Nordstrom), silver and turquoise earrings and a wide, black belt.  Because I am envious of the wide-belt-wearing skills of Chelsea from Bright Side Dweller.

Color or fabrication, this hot pink dress totally kept me warm.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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