Monday, April 16, 2012

Sir Hems-a-Lot

Yes, there are pictures, but first we’re going to explore the etiology of today’s title.  Won’t that be fun?  (BTW: the answer we're looking for is yes, folks).

Sir: I don’t think I look particularly mannish in this outfit, but somebody called me ‘Sir’ today.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t wear earrings?  Let that be a lesson to you, Gentle Readers, accessorize or suffer the consequences.

Hems-a-Lot: I went on a hemming rampage a few weeks ago, taking quite a few of my midi-length dresses to above the knee.  Which isn’t to say I’ve given up midis; I just wanted a little variety.  This dress was one of the victims of that rampage:



Unlike previous outfits with this dress, I’m sans tights and I paired it with lighter, more spring-like accessories.  Instead of my dark brown boots, I opted for camel-colored ones (Steve Madden).  And in addition to the boots, I added a coral belt (Steve Madden via Ross), a couple of vintage bracelets (thrifted & gifted) and a watch.

Because faking Spring is almost as good as really having Spring arrive.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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