Monday, April 2, 2012

Bonus Footage: Red is Not Boring

On Saturday night, my friend Jodi and I went to a benefit dinner and auction for Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA).  OFOSA is an organization that, among other services, helps provide medical care and placement for those shelter animals that have been severely abused such as those with missing limbs and other significant health problems.  It’s a wonderful cause and I was very excited to go, however, I realized, when trying to decide what to wear, that one side affect of blogging is that I feel pressure to wear outfits with some “interest.”  That means different things to different people, but for me, it tends to be creative pattern mixing, layering and/or unique pieces.  And if I don’t do or have one of those things, I worry that an outfit is boring.

I even thought this dress was boring:

I know I look like I'm trying to sell you this clutch, but I just really like it.

Until, that is, my friend, Alex, reminded me that red is not boring.  And, she’s right, it’s not.  This is an absolutely lovely dress and I felt very pretty in it.  I paired the dress, which I got in a clothing swap with Alex, with black strappy sandals (Nine West) and black and gold accessories.

Of course, just to make sure I felt like me, the accessories I wore were unique accessories, like my lion earrings and this newly thrifted vintage clutch of awesomeness:

Close up of the bird applique

I have no idea what label it is.  It’s satin and the bird appliqué is actually made of metal instead of fabric or thread.  It was $4.00 and I love it.

I also borrowed this gorgeous vintage Lisner choker from my friend Kendra’s Etsy shop, House of Heirlooms:

She has some amazing items, from jewelry and handbags to household items to brand-name vintage clothing such as Christian Dior and Versace.  You can take a peek for yourself, here.

So, no, red is not boring.  If anything, it’s highly visible, which is why I’m linking up to Visible Monday, hosted by the always fabulous Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.

Happy Monday, All!


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