Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Case of the Missing Pocket

Alternately titled: A Reason Not to DIY

This skirt only has one pocket:

I’ve railed against skirts with a single pocket before, however, this time; it’s not the skirt’s fault.  It’s mine.  This skirt actually started out with two pockets, was a size 24 and about six inches longer:

I hemmed it and trimmed it to a size 14, above-the-knee length marvel with a pocket on the butt.  Yep, in all my trimming and hemming, I failed to allow for pocket placement.  To take the skirt in, I cut a two inch strip of fabric out of the back and then stitched it back together.  This, apparently, took the right-hand pocket from its proper place on my right hip to a completely useless position on my right buttock. 

Of course, I only found this out after I tried the skirt one and tried to put my hands in my pockets; I actually had to reach back with my right hand to get to the pocket.  It was neither cute nor comfortable.  So, I cut the pocket out, sewed the skirt together and now am the proud owner of a single-pocket skirt.

I paired the skirt (thrifted and mangled) with a dark teal blouse (Target), knotted navy cardigan (Gap), cream tights (Target), wedge booties (Nine West) and some jewelry (Macys, vintage, local craftsman).  I like the color combination of this outfit (borrowed in part from this outfit of Kish’s) but I don’t think it’s quite working.  At least not from some angles.  If this outfit were an Olympic ice-skating routine, I’d get high points for concept but low scores for execution.  Basically, I would not medal.  Sad face.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!  It’s nearly over!!


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