Friday, November 9, 2012

It Got Cold, I Overreacted

Apparently the Oregon Weather Gods got tired of fellow Oregon blogger, Stacey, and I writing about our recent great weather, because it got cold last night.  And, as I always do when it first gets cold, I overreacted:

Did I really need both the sweater coat and a flannel scarf layered over the chambray tunic and jeggings?  Maybe not.  But, as I said, when the weather drops about 20 degrees in three days, I have a tendency to overreact. 

Also, this is the same DIY scarf I wore on Monday, and in Monday’s comments, the Menopausal Super Model asked how I made it.  The answer?  Crookedly.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  In spite of the fact that I can’t draw, cut or sew a straight line (I have SLD, or Straight Line Disorder (it’s totally a real thing)) I still managed to do okay with this scarf by following the lines of the plaid for cutting.  It is sewn a little bit crooked though because my left arm is still weak and I can’t guide fabric in a straight line even when I don’t have the excuse of a broken elbow.

The good news is that it’s an infinity scarf and wrapped around my neck you can’t tell it’s crooked, which is why I knew this was the project for me.  I got the idea from the lovely Franziska at Franishh, who used this tutorial.  I used the same tutorial and it was really easy, especially if you don’t worry about your lines being straight.

Yep, looks straight(ish) to me!

Happy Friday, All!


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