Friday, November 16, 2012

It Just Makes Good Sense

I know a lot of people move towards more somber, drab colors in fall and winter, but I like to continue to wear my brights:

One, because brightly colored clothes make me happy and after much deliberation, I’ve decided that’s my aesthetic.  Happy.  Two, because it just makes good sense.  For example, if you’re caught in a freak snow storm, would you rather be wearing gray or a bright color?  The correct answer is, of course, a bright color.  So the search party can find you.

Today’s bright color is turquoise and is brought to you by my sweater (Nordstrom, thrifted) and the stripes on my skirt (Target).  I also wore leggings (Target) and fold-over boots (Chinese Laundry via Piperlime).  Also, yes, my skirt is navy and my leggings are black.  That’s just the way I roll.

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Enjoy your weekend!  And, remember, brightly colored clothes make you easier to rescue!


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