Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Literary Stylings Link Party

Sometimes all of the moons align and you're able to heal the Dark Crystal and save the poor Podlings from being sucked dry by the Skeksis.  Or, as happened in my case, the moons align and you come up with an idea for your first ever link party; to create an outfit based on a book you're currently reading or recently read.

I'm calling it Literary Stylings and it was influenced by Style Imitating Art (shout out to Jess and Salazar) and this post on Go Fug Yourself in which the Fug Girls hoped the dress is question was inspired by a book (Hunger Games, in fact).

I figured why not wear clothes that are inspired by literature?  I mean, surely that could be kind of fun, right?  Well, if you agree, here's the fine print:
  1. The Literary Stylings Link Party will go up on the first Tuesday of every month.  If you join in, don't forget to link your post back to Fashion for Giants.
  2. I was going to suggest a book for people to read but I don't want to foist my strange literary leanings onto folks, so pick any book you choose.
  3. If you're not a blogger and you still want to participate, you can post your photos on the Fashion for Giants FB page.
  4. The inspired look does not have to be a costume, but it certainly can be.  Any level of inspiration in creating your outfit is appreciated.
  5. Have fun!

I know this is super late notice (the moons align when they align; you can't do anything about that), but if you're currently reading a book that you'd like to base an outfit on, I'll have the link up on Tuesday, July 2nd. 

I just finished Auntie Mame and was, of course, inspired by Mame's utter fabulousness, so I'm very excited to put together a look based on Patrick Dennis' book:

I hope you all can join me!


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