Monday, June 24, 2013

The Devolution of Style

So, June has been a rough month for me.  Work has been atrocious; I'm not sleeping well, I'm not blogging well and I haven't visited other blogs in ages.  Also, I've started dressing like this:

I know, I know, it's boring.  There is no raucous color, no vintage pieces and I practically match.  But, it's also easy and I really need easy right now.  Easy like jeans (Wit and Wisdom via Nordstrom) and a tee (Gap) with flats (Nine West via Piperlime) and a cardigan (Ann Taylor, thrifted).  Besides, this outfit isn't just easy, it makes me feel physically capable.  And I realized that when I feel more physically capable, I feel more mentally capable.

In this outfit I felt like I could not only run from zombies (although not the World War Z zombies; apparently their zombies are fast as hell.  Which, boo.) but I that could deliver a roundhouse kick straight to a spreadsheet's dome. 

I may not be battling zombies (yet; we all know it's coming) but I am battling some serious spreadsheets and dressing like this makes me feel like I have a better chance at winning.

Don't worry, I haven't completely given up.  I did add a lovely Megan Mae button flower because it looks great with leopard and doesn't detract from zombie/spreadsheet fighting:

And, in my mind, that's the mark of a truly great accessory; if you can still fight the undead while wearing it, it's a keeper.

Happy Monday, All!


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