Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boxy Yet Cozy

That’s probably the best way to describe today’s outfit:

Well, at least the best way to describe the sweater coat portion of the outfit.  And while I think boxy yet cozy is a completely legitimate aesthetic, especially in the fall and winter, I did try to keep the rest of the look sleek so it wasn’t boxy yet boxy:

To that end, I layered the sweater coat (vintage Colle Poi, thrifted) over a fitted long-sleeve tee (Old Navy), a stretch mini (H&M) and leggings (Target).  I also added a cobalt scarf (H&M) because I think it looks good with rust color of the scarf and black boots (Vince Camuto via Nordstrom).

I had actually forgotten that I had this sweater coat until I packed up most of my spring/summer clothes and went through my fall/winter clothes a few weeks ago.  I found this sweater coat and several others that I also don’t remember thrifting.  I’m not complaining though, I love finding forgotten items when I transition my clothes between seasons; it’s one of the best things about that process.  

And for this year’s surprise to be a bunch of sweater coats?  That’s fabulous.  I especially like them for fall when it’s cold, but not so cold you need a coat-coat.

Have you transitioned your wardrobe yet?  If so, did you find any surprises?

Happy Wednesday, All!


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