Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Not Try: Oxblood?

This fall, why not try oxblood?  Sure, it’s the most unappealing sounding trend since underwear as outerwear, but it’s actually quite nice.  So, what is oxblood?  Oxblood is a deep, reddish brown hue similar to burgundy:

Pantone Oxblood Swatch - Image via

And it is a huge color trend for fall. Personally, I love oxblood for fall because unlike some trends (again, underwear as outerwear comes to mind), I think this one is extremely wearable.  It’s also versatile, easy to find, and easy to thrift.  

Take, for example, these oxblood (yes, I’ve referred to them in the past as burgundy, but I guess this year we’re calling them oxblood; just go with it) “nun shoes” (Naya “Jada” via Nordstrom): 

Image via

I bought them last fall and I wear them all the time.  I wear them most often with gray and black because they add just the right bit of color.  But, you don’t have to go dark; oxblood also looks fabulous with blush, cream and teal.  Most recently, I paired it with bright yellow and navy blue:

In addition to being versatile, oxblood really is easy to find, both in retail stores and thrift stores.  Aside from my Naya shoes, all of the rest of the oxblood in my closet has been thrifted.  But, if thrifting isn’t your thing, here are some pieces that I like for fall.

Image via Target

I think this is a great dress and if you want to see just how great it is on a real person, my girl, Sal, rocks it here.

Image via Banana Republic

I have these in mustard and they fit wonderfully; so much so that I just ordered them in the burgundy oxblood.  (Also, you can get 30% off today and tomorrow with the code, THANKYOU).

Image via Nordstrom

Unfortunately this tank is only available up to size 12 and runs a full size small, but it’s an otherwise great way to combine two trends in one.

Image via eShakti

I think I may be sort of obsessed with this dress.  I want very badly to wear it layered over a turtleneck with tights and boots. 

Image via

Yep, they’re still available and they’re still awesome.

Image via Nordstrom

Yes, it is crazy expensive, but it’s also too pretty not to be included.

Still not loving oxblood?  Try calling it burgundy or Bordeaux (ooh, fancy) and see if that doesn’t change your mind.

And have a Happy Monday!


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