Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Thighs Hate It

… but the rest of me loves it.  “It” being my new-to-me vintage tunic:

I do love it, but my thighs seriously hate it.  In fact, I can’t even button it all the way to the bottom without them threatening to Hulk out.  But, that’s okay, I just wore it over leggings with the bottom two buttons undone and my thighs stopped yelling about being suffocated in polyester.  They are so dramatic.

In addition to the tunic (vintage, gifted) and leggings (Target), I also wore boots (Enzo Angolini “Saylem” via Nordstrom) and another lady-tie (silk Brooks Brothers via St. Vincent Depaul).  Because it’s International Lady-Tie Week.  Okay, it’s not, but it should be.  Perhaps the next time my thighs are at the UN attempting to get recognized as an independent republic, I’ll float the idea past the General Assembly.  I can't imagine any country not supporting that proposal.

Enough about the lady-tie though, let’s get back to the tunic.  The fact of the matter is; I wasn’t going to allow my pouty, secessionist thighs to ruin this tunic for me.  I love this thing.  I love the crazy print:

And I love how it came to end up in my closet.   

This tunic was originally purchased by my fabulous friend, Jeanne, when we were shopping together at Vintage by the Pound.  I didn’t fight her for it because she was a guest in my city, but I did cast a lot of covetous looks in her direction.  And then, the other day, she mailed it to me out of the blue!  Needless to say, I was thrilled and Jeanne is awesome.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!  And Happy International Lady-Tie Week!


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