Friday, September 28, 2012

No Words

Here is what I wore today:

The pants are vintage men’s golf pants (thrifted) and the top is vintage polyester (thrifted).  The yellow peep toes are Me Too (via Nordstrom) and the yellow bangle is from the Mississippi Street Fair in Northeast Portland.  And the earrings are Nikki Jacoby "Labyrinth" (via Crafty Wonderland):

Aside from an explanation of the pieces, I really have no words for this outfit.  But, I did have some random thoughts.  They went something like this:

"Is this outfit awesome?  It feels awesome.  But, it's Friday, so I may just be tired."

“My God but these pants are comfortable.  How is it that double knit is no longer a thing?”

“I still can’t believe these pants only cost a quarter.  Best thrifting purchase ever.”

“Heh, will you look at that.  The shape of the earrings totally go with the ‘Eastern’ shapes on this top; it’s almost like I planned it.  I wonder if anyone would believe I planned it.  Probably not.”

“This top is so ridiculous that it’s come back around to awesome.”

“Butterflies?  I don’t wear butterflies.  Thank goodness they're paired with some bad-ass orchids so I still look tough.”

“Wait.  Are those orchids? “

And, finally, “I wonder if this counts as pattern mixing?”

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend! 


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