Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pops of Black

During the cooler months, I like to alleviate the more muted tones that are prevalent during fall and winter with pops of color.  And then, the other day, I got to thinking about black.  It's not fair that black doesn't get to "pop." I mean, what did black ever do to people that it remains pop-less?  Sure, it figured heavily in a very deadly and unpopular plague, but that was ages ago.  Black has totally gotten it's act together lately and, in my opinion, deserves to pop.

So, today, I wore pink and blue, with pops of black:

It's my new thing.  Well, one of my new things.  The other two are fruit (see yesterday's post) and big cats (you know, leopards, lions and such).  But, I digress.  I like black as an accent.  I think this outfit is more interesting with black as the neutral instead of brown or nude:

 I think it works in part because the blue striped shirt (vintage via Vintage by the Pound) and the skirt (thrifted) are mid-tones and not pastels.  Black with pastels could be a bit jarring.  Okay, you caught me; it's actually probably fine, I just don't like pastels.  But, black shoes (Hive and Honey via Piperlime), a black belt (thrifted via Goodwill) and black jewelry with mid-tones, I can definitely do.

Especially when the jewelry is all funky and stuff:

I think it's supposed to be a sweater clip, but they're pins, not clips and I don't wear sweater clips, so I just treated it like a brooch and wore it pinned to my blouse.  Because that's just how I roll.  That's right, pops of black and misuse of sweater clip/pin/things; I am a rebel without a cause.

Except, of course, the cause of thrifting.  This entire outfit, except for the shoes and the bracelet, was purchased second-hand, so I'm linked up to Coffee and Cardigans for Thrifter Thursday.  And I'm also linked up to IFB Project #95: Show Us Your Stripes.  Because, today, I am a linking fool.  So, I guess then maybe my cause is linking? 

Happy Thursday, All!


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