Friday, May 31, 2013

Whither the Kitsch?

The other day Sally wore an outfit where she said she was dressed for "almost herself."  I know exactly what she means.  This outfit is almost me, but not quite:

Target tunic-dress & leggings, Nordstrom cardigan, Macy's belt & thrifted boots.

It's me in that it involves bright colors, worn together.  And leggings; I love leggings darn it.  And boots.  I'm all about the boots.  But, it's still not quite me.

I think it's because there is nothing fun or particularly interesting about this outfit.  (That's right; I think I'm more interesting than this.  I said it).  It's also really drape-y.  I think I'm more comfortable in slightly more structured items with some fun to them.  I was physically comfortable in this, but it doesn't speak to my fun-loving, kitschy soul.  Whither the kitsch, Gracey, whither the kitsch?

Don't worry.  I'll probably get it together by next week.  Probably.

Happy Friday, All!


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