Monday, May 13, 2013


As most of my long-time readers know, I go to 80s Prom at McMenamin's Kennedy School every year.  I usually talk more about it in the weeks leading up to it, but was I busy trying to figure out how Polyvore works (I've almost got it) and it kind of snuck up on me this year so I didn't mention it.  But, it was last Friday, and it was fabulous.

Those of you who saw sneak peeks of my look on Instagram may have already guessed, but this year's theme (in my head) was Xanadu:

Yep.  Nailed it.

As usual, I went with my partner-in-crime, Alex.  Her theme was polka dots:

She too nailed it.

Also per usual, we practiced our best Billy Idol sneers:

What's that?  You think we nailed it?  Thank you, I do too.

And that was basically my weekend.  It was wonderful.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well.  And a Happy Monday!


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