Friday, February 24, 2012


I’m afraid today’s post is going to be another rambling one, much like last Friday’s.  I’m not saying rambling is my Friday thing, but it does look like we’re heading in that direction.  So, yeah, that’s something.

Let’s start with the clothes.  Today I’m wearing giraffes and dots:

I love navy and hot pink together and figured why not giraffes and dots; hence, giraffe-a-dots.  I paired a navy and white polka dot sweater (Old Navy) with a hot pink giraffe print scarf (Target), cuffed jeans (Gap Real Straight jeans), the lion earrings from yesterday (vintage) and black mini-wedges (Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom).

And now for the rambling…

The lion earrings and giraffe scarf got me to thinking.  Do lions eat giraffes?  Does anything eat giraffes?  Are we really at the top of the food chain?  Or is it giraffes?  

And yes to every one who pointed out that I think and laugh about hard core/parkour because of Schmidt.  Schmidt cracks me up.

This album cover also cracks me up:

It’s The Knack and it looks like the two on the left didn’t tell the two on the right that My Sharona is a huge hit and it’s okay to smile.  Or the two on the right didn’t tell the two on the left that they were supposed to be a sexy band, damnit.

Finally, I’m going to a Mad Men-themed benefit dinner and auction this weekend with my girl, Alex, and I am crazy super excited.  I love my dress, hope I can figure out a hairstyle, am wearing lots of rhinestones and promise to take lots and lots of photos to share.

Oops.  One more thing; Happy Friday, Everyone!!!


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