Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

I was in the hallway at work today and a woman yelled “Happy V.D.” to her friend down the hall.  I started laughing, but what I really wanted to do was tell her that “that doesn’t mean what you think it means.”  And then, of course, my friends and I spent the rest of the day saying “Happy V.D.” to each other.

In other news, I wore some clothes today.  These clothes, in fact:

You may notice that I’m not wearing pink or red.  I know that today is the EBEW Pink and Red Challenge, but I purposely skipped it because pink and red together on Valentine’s Day is just too on-the-nose for my taste.  I went with blue(s) and burgundy instead.

I’ve paired this day dress (vintage Karin Stevens, thrifted) with this cardigan (a.n.a via JC Penney) and belt (Gap) before, but with my riding boots.  Today I added teal tights (Hue) and burgundy shoes (Naya “Jada” via Nordstrom) instead.  And I love it.  I wasn’t sure about the burgundy shoes, but I think they definitely work.  And we can pretend I wore them in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (I didn’t).

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  And Happy V.D!!


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