Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clothing Swap

Hello, Everyone!  Today, in lieu of my usual occasional Saturday Stuff and Things, I’m participating in the Style Agent 909 Clothing Swap.  We were all supposed to come up with 5 or so items to swap. 
Here are my pieces…

First up, is a white, linen “Lauren” Ralph Lauren skirt in size 12:

I like this skirt, but it is very, very full.  Which is why I’m getting rid of it.  Well, that and the fact that I have multiple white skirts.  But, really though, it’s mostly the fullness.  I have too much hustle in my bustle for this skirt.  If you have less of a bustle, I think this skirt will work well.  It will also work on a size 14 if you wear it higher on the waist; I know this because I’m a 14 and that’s where I wore it.

Item # 2 is my beloved “safari” vest:

I love this piece, but it’s too small across the chest for me (I’m a 38B).  I thrifted this piece so I’m not sure what size it is, but I’d say it’s probably a 12.  Here is a photo of me in the vest so you can see the fit:

Sadly, it just doesn’t quite button, otherwise, I would absolutely keep it.

Next we have a sheer, purple Gap blouse in Large:

Yes, it is veeeerrry sheer.
I’m getting rid of this piece because I never wear it.  I’ve only worn it once in year that I’ve owned it.  I can’t say why, but it really just doesn’t work for me.  Although it’s a large, it will work on a size 14.  Here's proof:

Also, as you can see from the above photo, it has a sort of mini-ruffle-peplum.

Item # 4 is a black croc/snake print dress in size 14:

This dress is made of matte jersey and has a sewn in self-belt:

It’s extremely comfortable and very flattering.  The skirt is about knee length on me and full enough to easily ride a bike in:

Aww, a photo from my early days of blogging...

This is another piece that I’m swapping only because I never wear it.  I just have several black dresses and other printed black dresses that I wear more.

Next is a yellow tunic from Target:

I know a lot of people don’t wear yellow, but this is a lovely yellow.  It’s more of a golden yellow than bright yellow.  And it has lovely dramatic dolman sleeves and an embroidered bib.  Unfortunately, I don’t wear it.  Why?  Because I can’t belt it and it drives me crazy.  If you’re less of a belting fanatic, this may very well be a good piece for you.
This is a Large, but will fit a size 14.  Here is how it fits me:

Finally, I’m swapping this pair of cameo earrings:

They are just inexpensive plastic, but were a good way for me to ease into wearing cameos.  I didn’t know if they were really “me” until I tried this pair out.  I’ve since upgraded to a pair of cameo and garnet drop earrings, so I’m passing these on.

Now for my wish list:

Leopard flats - size 10 - I know this is a long shot, but I'm putting it out there

Black maxi dress - size L or XL

Gingham shirt - size 14

Ikat print scarf

Lace skirt - A-line, about knee-length, size 14

If you're interesting in swapping, you can reach me at fashionforgiants @ gmail (dot) com.  Also, don't forget to visit Style Agent 909 to see who else is participating!

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