Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Outfit is Weird

It is.  I think it’s conceptually sound, but the execution was shaky:

 (** Similar boots, sheer floral vintage dress, similar belt)

Allow me to explain.  It was finally boot weather here in Oregon, so of course I had to wear boots.  And I love wearing boots with dresses, so I had to wear a dress.  And the dress I chose is sheer so I had to wear a slip.  And I’ve always wanted to try a dress with an exposed slip, so I selected a slip that’s just a bit longer than the dress.  All that makes sense, right?

Well, here’s where it fell apart.  I paired cognac boots (Steven Madden) and a belt (thrifted) with this dress (vintage Blair, thrifted) because I swear to goodness there is some cognac in the print:

But, not enough to notice from far away, making the look a little iffy.  Adding to the iffy-ness is the fact that I refused to iron the slip.  Because to me that’s like ironing sheets.  Or jeans.  Ridiculousness.  (Unless, of course, you iron your sheets and jeans and then I totally respect your commitment to a wrinkle-free life).  So, yeah, not quite what I wanted.

That’s okay though, I gave it a shot and I’m not mad that I did.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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