Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That’s the Spirit!

Today is the Everybody, Everywear Back to School Challenge.  Having not been in school for years (don't worry how many, it's not important) I decided to show my school spirit by wearing the colors of my alma mater, Washington State University:

According to our fight song, we're supposed to "win the day for crimson and gray"*:

So I paired a crimson pleated sweater skirt (vintage, thrifted) with a lightweight gray sweatshirt (Old Navy) and tasseled booties (Seychelles “Clue” via 2011 NAS).  I then realized that in my attempt to go “sporty” I looked like an old-timey cheerleader, so I quickly added a turquoise and silver necklace.  Because, let’s be honest, you can’t do cheers in a squash blossom necklace (vintage via Lil’ Gypsy), you’ll knock your teeth out.

In addition to the turquoise necklace, I also wore my new turquoise earrings (vintage via Lil’ Gypsy):

Looking at my outfit, I think it’s unfortunate WSU’s colors don’t include turquoise.  Don’t you think this uniform would look better with a pop of turquoise?

Image via Fresh University
Like the numbering.  Or the helmet.  Oooh, a turquoise helmet would be sooo pretty.

Even though my team doesn’t have pretty helmets, I have spirit, yes, I do.  I have spirit, how ‘bout you?!  You do?  Well, then, make sure you’re linked up over at Everybody, Everywear!

And have a Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


*Our fight song also says we're the "best in the West," but that hasn't been true for over a decade.  Sad face.

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