Thursday, January 26, 2012

Casual Shine

As I said during the EBEW Sequins and Shine Challenge, I have a hard time breaking out the shine in casual situations.  Sequins and shine just read “fancy” to me and I like that about them.  But, today, I think maybe I’ve mastered casual shine:

I really, really like today’s outfit.  Yes, in part because it involves leggings and a tunic, for which I am a sucker.  But, I also love it because it exudes a bit of shimmery goodness that falls well within my Daytime Shine Comfort Level.  The silvery-gray blouse (Halogen via Nordstrom) worn over the black tunic (Old Navy) has a subtle shine.  And it picks up the similarly-hued shimmer from my snakings (snake-leggings via Target).  The scarf (BCBG) has a less subtle shine but still doesn’t make me feel as if I should be tap dancing in a top hat* so I’m comfortable with it.  I finished the look with black riding boots (Vince Camuto “Fantastic” via Nordstrom), earrings and a bracelet

And, there you have it; casual shine as imagined by a giant.

Happy Thursday, All!


*Point of fact: if I could tap dance, I would do it all the time, whether I was wearing sequins and a top hat or not.

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