Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Loves = New Love

I love this sweater with these boots:

I mean, I love this sweater.  And I love these boots (yes, I know I’m pointing out the obvious here).  But, I’ve decided I really, really, really love this sweater with these boots.  They just go so well together. 

The caramel color of the sweater (thrifted) plays perfectly with the variegated coloring of the boots (Born “Sosie” via Nordstrom).  So much so that I feel like spending the rest of the winter finding different outfits that incorporate these two items.  Today I paired them with black leggings (INC via Macys), a navy and white striped tunic (Old Navy) and a multi-colored scarf of disremembered origin.

So, yeah, more outfits with these boots and this sweater are forthcoming.  I recognize it may not be terribly exciting for my readers, but perhaps if we all pretend it’s an exercise in remixing?  Maybe?  If not, just look away on those days, folks.  Look away.

In other news, I took a pilates class last night for the first time in years and found out two things about myself.  One, I am amazingly inflexible.  Two, I don’t love New Age music.  In spite of these epiphanies, I enjoyed myself and am pleasantly sore today so I’ll definitely be going back next week. 

Also?  It’s Friday, which is the best news I've had all week.

Happy Friday, All!


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