Wednesday, January 11, 2012


These are my new shoes:

They are from a brand called 80%20.  And they make me feel 80% elated and 20% ecstatic; they make me feel… elastic.  They came in the mail yesterday and I carried them around the house for an hour cooing, petting the shoes and feeling elastic.

And of course I had to wear them today:

I paired the booties (80%20 “Tessa” in Cream Kiwi via Piperlime) with an oversized white shirt (thrifted) layered under a wool, double-breasted cardigan (vintage Pendleton, thrifted) and black leggings.  I added a bit of color with a red-orange beaded necklace, but otherwise let the shoes shine.

In exercise news, I went back to pilates last night.  I fell off my mat twice.  I don’t know.  Don’t ask. 

Happy Wednesday, All!


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