Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burgundy & Blue

We’re entering that confusing time of year here in Oregon where it’s really sunny and things are starting to bloom so you think maybe it’s Spring, but then, in the middle of your bike ride it drops 15 degrees and starts hailing.  

As you can imagine, that sort of weather can be hard to dress for when you commute by bike.  Therefore, I’m back to my old standby of dresses, cardigans, tights and riding boots:

What can I say?  It dries easily and is warm enough but not so warm that I overheat during the sunny moments.  Also, it’s easy to put on when you're to tired from staying up late reading the Game of Thrones books to think of anything else.

For today’s version, I paired a blue dress (vintage Karin Stevens via Salvation Army) layered under a burgundy and blue cardigan (Gap Outlet).  Today’s tights are burgundy and today’s riding boots are Born Crown (“Sosie” via Nordstrom).  Et voila, simple, effective and quick-drying. 

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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