Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Buffallamagator

I apologize for my absence yesterday.  I was out with a nasty head cold and was too exhausted to come to work.

I am still exhausted, but I went ahead and got dressed and came to work anyway.  

That may have been a mistake:

As you can see, my sartorial woes continue.  The concept was rust, leopard & cream, but I’m not sure the pieces are right.  To me, it almost looks like I’m in one of those children’s books where you line up the different animal parts, making things like a buffallamagator (buffalo-llama-alligator) or an elebratamus (elephant-cobra-hippopotamus).  

I mean, the rust cords (Christopher Blue “Angel Skinny” via Nordstrom Rack) make sense with the animal print flats (Nine West “Kicheya).  And they make sense with the cream sweater (MINKPINK "Golden Rule Jumper" via Piperlime).  But, I’m not sure the sweater makes sense with the shoes, even with the addition of the black metal lace necklace (Old Navy) to tie the two together.  

So, the top of the outfit works.  The middle of the outfit works.  And the bottom of the outfit works.  But, all together?  Buffallamagator.

Oh, well, what can I say, I’m sick.

Happy Tuesday, All!


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Christopher Blue “Angel Skinny” Cords
Nine West "Kicheya" Flats
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