Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Harlequin and Hearts

I learned a lot from wearing this outfit today:


One, in spite of the neutral color palette, this outfit attracts a lot of attention.  From whispers of “look at those shoes” as I passed by, to concern that I was interviewing for a different job.  

Two, I am apparently considered by my peers to be more fashionable than professional; today’s outfit was described as “professional-fashionable” as opposed to my “usual fashionable-fashionable.”  I’ll take it.

Three, when worn over black tights, these shoes kind of look like the wedge high-top sneakers I’ve been trying to avoid.  Heh.

Four, this skirt is not great for bike riding.  It’s so full that the wind kept catching it and I looked like a giant crow or bat trying to ride a bike.  And, with my black coat, I also felt a little witchy.  My friends are always threatening to drive behind me blasting the Wicked Witch’s theme from The Wizard of Oz.  Today would have been a great day for that.

All that for what’s basically a very simple outfit.  It’s a harlequin sweater vest (vintage J. G. Hook via Goodwill) layered over a black turtleneck (Gap) with a black skirt (Ralph Lauren via Goodwill), black tights (Hue via Nordstrom Rack) and Matiko “Ella” wedges (Ideeli).  I also added a belt (vintage brass), earrings (gifted) and the titular hearts in the form of a heart necklace from ModCloth ( v. old).

And I think I liked it.  I think it’s unusual but I also think it’s kind of cool.  But, honestly, I don’t know; I’m having the hardest time dressing myself lately. 

Happy Tuesday, All!


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