Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Map of The Land of Nosh Opping

Terri, from Rags Against the Machine, asked for a map of the Land of Nosh Opping.  All I have is a (poorly) hand-drawn map.  Said map is poorly drawn because I had to do it myself.  I am, unfortunately, the expedition's cartographer, mule wrangler and commander-in-chief.  As you can imagine, it's the saddest one-woman and one-mule expedition the Land of Nosh Opping has ever seen.

But, the map.  Here it is:

Um, because it's soooo not clear, that caption by the camel says "pregnant camel (obvs)".

And, in case you were curious, this is my expedition mule, Maurice:

Isn't he cute?


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