Thursday, June 21, 2012

Neon and Floral

This skirt is another item that I’m pretty sure I own solely because I am a blogger.  Before I started blogging, I read a lot of blogs and one thing that I noticed is that bloggers love two things: J Crew and pencil skirts.  They seemed especially enamored of J Crew pencil skirts so, a couple of summers ago, in preparation of being a blogger, I went out and got me one:

And then I promptly never wore it.  In part because of the whole “pencils-skirts-suck-for-bike-riding” thing.  But in part because I don’t think it’s very flattering.  In spite of the skirt’s ability to play nice with neon (no small feat), I just don’t love it.  In fact, I feel like a floral box in it.  I will admit that could be the top’s fault too though.  I love the color of this silk blouse, but it is a bit boxy.  Perhaps the skirt would do a bit better with a more fitted top.

So, I’m placing this skirt on the maybe list and will try it again with a fitted sweater.  Although, as I write this I’m trying to remember… are you supposed to wear fitted with fitted?  I guess I should know that rule, what with being a blogger and all, but I clearly don’t, so help a sistah out, if you will.

Thanks in advance for your help on how to deal with this floral box of a skirt and have a Happy Thursday, All!


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