Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Skirt # 6: Not a Midi, Not Quite a Maxi

This is another black, pleated skirt that I’ve had for months and have never worn:

I think it’s a beautiful skirt, but it’s also that not-quite-midi-not-quite-maxi length that confuses me.  On top of that, it seems a bit formal for work and I’m not the best at dressing things down.  However, I thought I’d give it a shot today so I paired the skirt (thrifted) with a thin, gray sweatshirt (Old Navy) and gray and silver flats (Target).  I also added a squash blossom necklace (vintage via Lil’ Gypsy) and a silver-necklace-as-bracelet.

And I liked it.  In fact, I felt this dressed down look was so successful that it convinced me to keep this skirt.  Well, this outfit and the fact that this skirt swooshes and swirls so nicely when I walk.  And because it has knife pleats and who doesn’t love knife pleats? But, mostly because it does this:

Of course, by keeping this one, I’ve increased my number of “keepers” to four black skirts, of which two are pleated.  I recognize that is still a lot of black skirts for a gal to have and I still have a few more to go, but let’s call it progress anyway, m’kay?

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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