Friday, June 22, 2012

Five, Not Seven

So, it turns out that I actually own five white skirts, not the seven I’d originally thought.  Two of the skirts I’d counted as white are actually cream (totally different).  And I found a third a third cream skirt running around The Valley of the Duplicates as well.  But, I’ll talk about those later; today is about one of the white skirts. 

Specifically, this white skirt:

This is my casual white skirt.  I also have a pleated white skirt (okay, two, but I’m getting rid of one) and two white linen skirts (one of which will also have to go).  Because I’m not great at mixing dressier pieces with more casual pieces, having skirts that can be dressed down is pretty important to me.  For example, I’m sure some bloggers could do it, but I can’t imagine wearing my pleated white skirt with this look.  I think this skirt works with the slouchy sweater (JC Penney) because both pieces are casual.  Ditto for the boots (thrifted) and the infinity scarf (Steven Madden via Macys).

Maybe when I grow up I’ll do a better job of mixing dressy and casual, but until then, I’m afraid I’ll need to maintain my larger, less versatile wardrobe.  So, the casual white skirt stays.  And so does the sweater; I know it’s not the most flattering shape, but darned if it isn’t comfortable.

Happy Friday, All!


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