Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wimpy Webbing and a Smartdogs Review

Last week we talked about the fact that I don't really wear pants (preferring skirts, not nudity (thanks, Chelsea!)).  Today we're talking about the fact that I also don't really wear flip flops.  Or even sandals that that come between the toe.  It has nothing to do with Tim Gunn saying that women shouldn't wear flip-flops because they're so hard to look graceful in.  Though I totally agree with that point.  No, I don't wear flip-flops because I have wimpy webbing between my toes.

I can't wear something between my toes for very long before it begins to hurt.  And its still sore the next day.  Of course, if I wanted to, I could force my self to wear flip-flops and build up a callous there.  But, as sexy as a between-the-toes callous sounds, I just generally forgo thong-style sandals.

That is, until I received these slippers from Smartdogs:

Image via Smartdogs

They are the Uplift Women's Thong Slipper and they are fabulous.  The mesh on the foot bed is soft and comfortable and antibacterial.  The sole of the slipper is both cushioned and grippy (totally a word) making them perfect for wearing inside and out.  And, for extra comfort, the heel is gel padded.  I especially like that aspect as I tend to strike with my heels when I walk.

Most importantly though, the thong doesn't irritate my wimpy webbing at all.  I can hardly even tell that it's there, even when I walk.  And I love that.

The slippers come in creativity blue (seen above), strength red, love pink and compassion green.  They are available in sizes 6-10 in department and specialty stores around the country where they retail for $45.00.  However, until July 31, 2012, you can get 15% off a pair when you order them through Smartdogs using code SUMMER12.

I hope every one is having a fantastic weekend!


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