Monday, June 4, 2012

In the Valley of the Duplicates

Over the next two weeks I will be exploring an area in The Giants Closet called the Valley of the Duplicates.  So far in the Valley of the Duplicates, I have discovered seven white skirts and eight black skirts. 

Yes, I own eight black skirts.  Sure, they are all of varying lengths, fabrication and style, but it’s still eight black skirts.  Which, if I’m honest, seems at least a bit excessive.  So, I will be wearing, tossing or wearing and thentossing all of those skirts over the next week or so.  Starting with this black maxi skirt:

I paired the skirt (Target) with a cobalt tie-front blouse (Old Navy) and pewter sandals (Lovely People via Piperlime).  I also added a cuff (thrifted) and yellow hoop earrings (Nordstrom)

This skirt is one of my more recent, pre-Nosh Opping Expedition purchases from a time when I was single-handedly keeping my local Target afloat.  In my defense, I had a black maxi skirt on my list for some time so it wasn’t an impulse purchase.  But, I did also have seven other black skirts in my closet at the time, so, yeah. 

Still, I think this one’s a keeper.  As a giant it can be hard to find maxi skirts (and dresses) that are long enough, but I think this one works.  Also, it’s super comfortable, so, yes, this one stays.

Tomorrow, I will bring you Black Skirt # 2.

Happy Monday, All!


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