Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two of Three

This is the second of three navy blue skirts with white polka dots that I have in my closet:

As I was observing the herd of polka dots that inhabit The Patterned Plains in The Giants Closet (see a map here), I realized that they are very social creatures.  From my observations, it appears that they like to hang out with florals, stripes and with other polka dots. 

Today, for example, my polka dot skirt (vintage, thrifted) decided to party down with my polka dot top (handmade vintage, thrifted).  However, they’re not snobs, so they also invited some nude platform sandals (Banana Republic “Natalie”), their friend, the hot pink braided belt (thrifted), and a few bracelets.

Me, at the party.  There is totally a drink in my other hand.

As is obvious from the above photo, I’m all for parties, so I think I’ll keep both of these pieces.

Happy Wednesday, All!


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