Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Damn Stylish Nuns

Today a co-worker told me that my shoes reminded her of the shoes the nuns at her school used to wear when she was younger.  I figure those must have been some damn stylish nuns, because I love these shoes:

Image via

They are the Naya “Jada” pumps that I’ve been wearing for the past year.  Last year they were burgundy.  This year they are oxblood.  Such is the way of fashion.

Of course, I didn’t justwear shoes:

I also wore a pleated polka dot skirt (thrifted) and a mustard yellow blouse (Old Navy).  I added a leopard-print belt (via a disremembered source) because I’m obsessed with leopard and polka dots like blogger-friend Tracy is obsessed with leopard and stripes.  And I finished the look with a vintage bracelet (Monet via Red Fox Vintage) and drop earrings (Target, v. old).

Because my skirt is thrifted and the belt may be, I’ve linked up to Callie’s Thrifter Thursday over at Coffee and Cardigans. 

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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