Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Fallen

As I said yesterday, I estimate that I got rid of over 40 items of clothes from my closet during my Nosh Shopping Expedition.  I don't have photos of all of the pieces because some were never worn, much less photographed.  However, what follows is a retrospective of most of those pieces (and of my hairstyles (Bonus!!)).  Let's get started, shall we?

Ta Ta, Tops

Cream tunic - fits weird around the hips.

Thrifted blazer - gave me bunchy shoulders.

Tan thrifted vest - too small, but I'm looking to replace it.

Jason Wu for Target tunic - I don't like the fit around the arms.

Target blouse - this (non) color is not flattering on me.

Vintage, handmade gingham blouse - sadly too small.

Mustard Tulle cardigan - the shape just doesn't work.

Bye Bye, Bottoms

Thrifted Jones New York Skirt - horrible for bike riding

Thrifted black pencil - oy, those pleats ruined my figure (it's the pleats, not the cake).

Banana Republic pants - sooooo very pedestrian

Black pleated skirt - I have several & this had a drop waist and size issues.

New York & Co shorts - fine, I admit it, they're too tight.

Navy polka dot pleated skirt - I have another & this has a drop waist.

Vintage polka dot skirt - I like the pleated polka dot skirt I kept better.

Vintage Jantzen skirt - this was hard for me, but really, this skirt is too small.

White pleated skirt - dropped waist, again, so I kept a different one.

Ann Taylor pencil skirt - a duplicate purple pencil; I kept the other one.

Gray Target skinnies - have since been replaced with Gap skinnies

Farewell, Frocks

Walmart Dress - I love the color, but it's cheap, clingy jersey.  Not good.

Vintage Dress - I tried to love it without success.

Sayonara, Shoes

Thrifted loafers - I'm just not a loafer kind of girl

Red wedges - cute but the heel strap slips off when I walk.

Thrifted cream flats - I struggle with light-colored shoes & never wear these.

Of course, these were only my summer clothes, so I'll probably have to venture back into the Land of Nosh Opping sometime this fall or winter as well.  But, I'll whine about that when it happens.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!


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