Thursday, January 24, 2013

Arbitrary Neon

Arbitrary Neon is going to be the name of the band I start after Neon Peach goes up in flames because the bass guitarist thinks she should be a solo artist.  It also describes my accessories today:

Although you can’t see it very well, I am wearing a neon necklace.  This neon necklace: 

Long Epoxy Link Necklace -image via

Why?  Because it made sense this morning and who am I to ignore morning inspiration.  (Also, Morning Inspiration is going to be the name of my 70s soft rock cover band).  In addition to the arbitrary neon necklace (Target), I also wore dark leopard skinnies (Old Navy Rock Star), a sheer, printed blouse (Liberty Love via Nordstrom Rack), an oversized blazer (gifted J. Crew; thanks Alex!) & boots (MIA “Roam” via Piperlime). 

Full disclosure, I love this outfit.  I love the weird color combination (tobacco, blue & fuchsia?), the pattern mixing (of course) and the arbitrary neon necklace.  It’s randomly cohesive, which is totally my thing.  As of right now.

Happy Thursday, All!


Shop the Look:
Neon Target necklace
Similar blouse
Old Navy RockStar Skinnies
MIA “Roam” boots
I couldn't find a similar blazer, but I'd suggest thrifting something; thrift stores are full of oversized blazers.

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